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Tigase Messenger for Android mobile phones is a lightweight easy-to-use XMPP client produced in house for use with any XMPP network. Join the XMPP network and communicate with users from services like jabber.org, sure.im, Numbuzz, Live journal Talk, or even your own XMPP server.

Tigase Messenger features a new simplified look and better integrates with the Android operating environment. These enhancements result in features such as better account management using Anrdoid’s native settings menu and a lightweight footprint.

Some features of Tigase Messenger for Android

  • Sleek & Simple User Interface - Easier to use and navigate than ever before!
  • Native Android Account Management - Accounts can be managed outside the application.
  • Multiple Account Support - Ability to seamlessly operate multiple XMPP accounts from a single application.
  • Improved Multi-user-Chat Support - Find, create, and chat in the millions of MUC rooms online.
  • Native Android Notification Support - Silent when your phone is silent, sounds when and where you want them.
  • Local Chat History - Chats are stored on the mobile device for quick reference without having to retrieve from the server. These are even available when the device is out of network.
  • Custom Away and Extended Away - Customize messages and time settings for auto away messages and statuses.
  • Chat States Supported - Know when others are typing, and let them know when you are.
  • Bandwidth & Battery Saver - Employs technology to only send or receive data when new information is passed without being seen as disconnected.
  • Advanced Network Switching - Moving from Wi-fi to cell network and back again is seamless, no having to worry about if you are logging in and out every time you change networks!
  • Advanced Security Supported - Keep your conversations secret with local storage and data stream encryption using TLS and authentication using SCRAM-SHA1.
  • Spam protection - When used in conjunction with Tigase XMPP Servers, you get the added benefit of server side spam filtering and protection.

See for yourself the power and usefulness of XMPP in the palm of your hand, Tigase Messenger for Android is available in the Google Play Store or may be downloaded as an .apk file from our website.

Want more?

Tigase Messenger for Android is working proof that XMPP can be used well on Android devices and many of the advanced features of the protocol are well represented.
Our development and consultant team can help you build your own messenger application using XMPP technology for secure customized internal communication.
Why use a 3rd party technology when you can secure communication on internal servers both on PCs and Android devices!

Contact us to explore options with Tigase.

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