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Instant Messaging and Real-Time Communication systems nowadays are not just about chat, presence, or even voice video calls. People love to share stuff. People share their thoughts, experiences, feelings, photos, videos, documents. While sharing documents is mainly necessary for businesses and collaboration groups, photo and video sharing is something almost everybody do. People take pictures, record vides and want to share them with friends and family instantly. Therefore every modern IM and RTC deployment needs effective file sharing system.

Ideally you want people to connect their devices directly and transmit a file. This is not always possible if one or both users are behind NAT and even if they are not it is not an effective approach when a user wants to share file with multiple people. In the latter case a user transmits the file multiple times, each time to a different person - long and expensive process.

Both problems can be easily solved by using a proxy server which runs on the public server and allows users to transmit files through the proxy. Users behind NAT can both connect to a proxy and transmit files through the public server and in case of sharing file with multiple friends a user can connect to a proxy, upload the file and all his friends can download it from the server.

Tigase Socks5 Proxy offers many unique features:

  • Binary data transfer for users behind NAT to exchange any kind of files
  • Very high throughput which can make use of a full bandwidth if necessary to transmit very large files
  • High number of concurrent transmissions to transfer multiple files at the same time
  • Global quotas or per user quotas or per domain quotas to limit transfer and void abuse
  • Easy integration with billing system to offer a better service to users
  • Credits systems per user or per domain basis to different capacity to different users or corporate clients
  • Setup on multiple machines to distribute the load
  • virtual domains support allows to segregate users and clients into separate billing groups
  • Well integrated with the Tigase XMPP Server in a cluster mode to deploy systems supporting millions of online users

We especially like performance of our component which allows to transfer huge files in size of gigabytes and also can handle millions simultaneous transmissions.

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