Welcome, we are Tigase, one of the top real-time communication software providers.

We like to make things to scale, in fact we are little bit too obsessed with optimizations.

We design all kinds of systems for real-time communication and instant notification from small mission-critical installations to large multi-million user social networks. We know that the system must...

We offer hands-on assistance with the system installation, hardware selection and operating system tuning. Tigase experts experience and knowledge can minimize the time required to setup a system...

We offer extensive testing over the production system to ensure it meets functional requirements and expected production performance. We closely work with our clients to establish goals for...

Every installation is different. Each has specific requirement and goals, and it integrates with the rest of the system in a specific way. Each also has a distinct traffic shape. We take all of...

Recent Works

  • In an effort to make Tiagse XMPP Server more accessible and easier to install, we have created a web-based installer method. This...

  • Tigase's Advanced Message Processing plugin now supports XEP-0334 Message Storage Hints. Now offline messages can contain hints as...

  • With computers nearly everywhere, it can be fairly easy to get access to E-mail, the internet, and other online information at any time...

  • Tigase now supports commands sent using Representational State Transfer, a stateless client protocol using the HTTP protocol. Using the...

  • A common problem that can occur with any server is stale connections tying up available bandwidth. Whether it is due to a connection...

  • Tigase is programmed to work with a plethora of databases, however not all users will want to learn (or purchase) an SQL editor to...

  • Tigase XMPP server is built from the ground up to be secure, however, some installation use cases may render themselves vulnerable. For...

  • Recently, we've added a number of fixes to the version 7.0.3 of Tigase XMPP server which includes a number of fixes that improves...

Website Update

We have upgraded the software running tigase.org. OS, Apache, Drupal, Database, everything! We are very happy with the results as this will allow us to better communicate with you. We are planning to add more features to the website and our service to help us evaluate and use our software.

Give us your vote

Mission Main Street Grants We work on Tigase to make it better and better, to make it perfect. We spend our time, we offer our skills. And we are happy to see you use the software. But you know everything costs money. With more money we can do better software. Therefore we are applying for a grant offered jointly by Chase and Google to small businesses. Please give us your vote and help us to get the grant. In return we promise to give you a better software and better service.

Tigase XMPP Server 5.2.0 RC1

First Release Candidate of Tigase XMPP Server 5.2.0 has been published. Binaries are available for download right now in the files section on the project tracking system. Sources are available in our code repository under the tag 5.2.0-rc1 - tags/tigase-server-5.2.0-rc1. Maven artifacts have been deployed to our maven repository.

Best practices for connecting from web browser to Tigase XMPP Server

Currently we have 2 ways to connect to Tigase XMPP Server from web browsers:
  1. BOSH (Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP)
  2. WebSocket (XMPP over WebSocket)
You will find more informations about these ways for connecting to Tigase XMPP Server with some useful tips below.

Tigase Monitor goes public

We are happy to announce that starting today Tigase Server Management Console (a.k.a.


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  • New blog post going into some MUC basics https://t.co/o1HoDzrAHM 1 day 20 hours ago
  • A new version of Tigase JaXMPP Client LIbrary has been released, now v3.1.2. Check out the release notes: https://t.co/JiMF85BG8G 2 weeks 2 days ago
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